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This Memorial
is currently maintained by
Stefano Mavilio
in loving memory of
Luciana Giussani.
Biography Angela and Luciana Giussani were two Italian sisters, famous for their comic book anti-hero series, Diabolik.

The character, created in 1962, has sold more than 150 million copies since he made his first appearance. The comic book also inspired a film, a radio show, an animated TV series and countless parodies and pastiches.

Both sisters were born in Milan. Angela Giussani worked initially as a model and entered into the publishing world when she married Gino Sansoni, working for a series of her husband's publishing house. Later she founded the publishing company Astorina, which launched Diabolik on November 1, 1962. Luciana collaborated with her on the series' stories starting from issue #13. Luciana Giussani was educated at the German School of Milan.

After Angela's death in 1987, Luciana carried on directing the publisher and writing many of Diabolik's episodes. She left Astorina in 1999 and died two years later.

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